The Twitter dress and the fashionable designs by CuteCircuit

The future is now. I grew up reading sci-fi novels and watching sci-fi movies, and to me is amazing what is happening now in the wearable technology universe.


Cute Circuit is a UK brand working hard to make wearable technology fashionable and has even a pret à porter line since 2010; the AW14 collection they presented at NYFW is something still maybe too much futuristic to conquer the street styles but there were a few pieces I wouldn’t be surprised to cross in any club on a saturday night.

And beside that, I want this clutch:


Cute Circuit is a duo based in London, their garments are made in Italy, UK or USA using the best quality materials along with technologically advanced, ethical and clean manufacturing processes.

Tiny leds are embedded in the fabrics and create magical patterns and effects; with a touch on a app on your smartphone you can change them, to make your dress always new.


Their haute couture line feature a Twitter dress: a beautiful black evening dress especially made for the singer Nicole Scherzinger, which alight with patterns and receive in real time the feed of tweets tagged with #tweetthedress.


Brilliant, isn’t it?

by Francesca Baldassarri

Ho un passato da grafica e front-end developer, ho studiato economia del turismo e un po’ di psicologia. Dopo essermi innamorata di Etsy, ho deciso di reinventarmi crafter e sto cercando di farne il mio lavoro principale. Gestisco la community italiana su Etsy con la mia gang di amiche e collaboratrici, con cui organizzo eventi per formare venditori online. Amo creare, leggo un sacco, ascolto musica compulsivamente e cerco di condividere in ogni modo ciò che ho imparato.