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TMD is a brand created by Tania Marta Pezzuolo, an awarded independent Italian fashion designer who has her own maison in the heart of Rome, who creates original women clothing, accessories and housewares.

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Tania Marta Pezzuolo was born in Latina in November 11th, 1974.
She is an independent fashion designer who started her studies at the Artistic College in Latina. She continued her studies at the International Institute of Communication and Image in Coveri and the International Fashion Center in Rome.
Tania moved her first fashion steps by working for a few fashion houses in Rome. She was then selected to work for the well-known haute couture couturier Fausto Sarli.
In 2002 Tania Marta Pezzuolo opened her own maison in the heart of Rome, in Via Rasella. Tania’s Maison was created in an former garage of a charming and historical building that was featured in the classic movie Roma Città Aperta. Godfather of the opening was Fausto Sarli himself.
The first fashion show was held in 2003 in the presence of many high personalities of the Italian Capital. From that day on, Tania participated with her creations to most of the important fashion events in Rome. She received numerous awards for her work and was received by the Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi as emerging talent in the Italian fashion industry.
Since then, Tania has designed numerous creations for clients from all over the world. She created the wedding dress for Licia Colò, a famous Italian anchor woman, and still today she designs dresses for the Italian high society as well as for Lebanese and Arab Princesses among others.



In 2012 Tania wanted to expand her work beyond tailor-made haute couture dresses and bring haute couture design and craftsmanship to other areas.  She heard about Etsy, a creative community and e-commerce website focused on handmade, vintage and supplies. She meets the Etsy Italia Team, the Italian community of Etsy artists and sellers in Italy and a new story began.

During 2013 she is selected to join the Makers Faire Rome with the Etsy Italia Team. For that occasion, Tania decided to open her own online shop. During the month before the Roma Makers Faire, Tania comes up with the design of a totally new and glam product that anyone using a phone charger needs: a leather accessory to wrap cable USB power adapter for iPhone/iPad mini.

At the Roma Makers Faire Tania’s new accessory receives a lot of attention by trend seekers. That day, she also gets invited to the Bahrein International Design Week and she accepts the invitation.

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